Handouts to the HCI & Information Visualization 2023-2024 Lectures

The table below gives access to lecture slides for each lecture and relevant corresponding chapters in the book Designing Interactive Systems. If any additional reading material is expected to be studied for a lecture, it can be found in the table below. The subjects are due to change - this is a provisional list.

Please use this chapter mapping that shows what chapters you need to use if you have the 3rd edition version of the book.
The reading assignment is indicated for the lecture at that date.

Lecture slides provided, comprise a summary per lecture. These are exclusively made for the LIACS HCI&IV course 2023-2024 and should only be used for that purpose. Please report errors, omissions and/or additional remarks. Thanks in advance.

TitledateLocationcontentReading Assignment
for lecture ( 2nd ed.)
014 Sep 2023

Lipsius 0.03

Introduction to HCI/InfoVis
Key Principles
026 Sep 2023Havinga zaalHuman Perception & Cognition,
User Psychology
Ch. 22, Ch. 24[LINK][VIDEO]
0313 Sep 2023Havinga zaalReasoning, Gestalt,
Perception & Senses
Ch. 24, Ch. 26,
Additional papers
0418 Sep 2023Huygens 2.11-14Affordance, Knowledge representation,
Mental Models, Metaphors

PM TEST 1 (18-09-2023, 9.00 hrs)

Ch. 9, Additional Papers[LINK][VIDEO]
0520 Sep 2023Havinga zaalPeripherals, Paradigms
Interaction Models, Interaction Concepts
0625 Sep 2023Huygens 2.11-14Interaction Styles,
Windowing Systems
Ch. 2, Ch. 14[LINK][VIDEO]
0727 Sep 2023Havinga zaalFundamentals of Color,
Iconic Messaging
Ch. 2, Ch. 14[LINK][VIDEO]
084 Oct 2023Havinga zaalText, Visual Coding, Visual Support, Interaction Design, PACT,Rules/Guides, Software Life Cycle

PM TEST 2 (04-10-2023, 8.30 hrs)

Ch. 2, Ch. 9, Ch,14[LINK][VIDEO]
099 Oct 2023Huygens 2.11-14User Analysis, Task Analysis
Cognitive Task Analysis
Ch. 3, Ch. 5, Ch. 11[LINK][VIDEO]
1011 Oct 2023Havinga zaalDialogue analysis
Data & Task Abstraction
Ch. 11, Ch. 14[LINK][VIDEO]
1123 Oct 2023Huygens 2.11-14Usability, Prototyping

PM TEST 3 (23-10-2023, 8.30 hrs)

Ch. 4, Ch. 7, Ch. 8[LINK][VIDEO]
1225 Oct 2023Havinga zaalUsability Engineering, Evaluation, Service DesignCh. 10, Ch. 18[LINK][VIDEO]
1330 Oct 2023Huygens 2.11-14Group Ware. Ubiquitous Computing,
Captology, Agents, Affective Computing
Ch. 15, Ch. 19, Ch. 20, Ch. 21[LINK][VIDEO]
1418 Dec 2023


Structure Final Paper,
18-12, starting at 11.00 hrs.

PM TEST 4 (06-11-2023, 8.30 hrs)


Additional Reading Material

These additional papers cover subjects that have been discussed in the lectures. Not all of these subjects are discussed in the book and therefore the additional background reading is provided and expected to be studied as preparation for the written exams. In the table below, it is indicated in which lecture each of the content of the paper is discussed.

S. Lee, Proprioception

Lecture 3

F.J. Verbeek, Gestalt Theory

Lecture 3

D. Norman, Affordance

Lecture 4

Notes, Mental models

Lecture 4

P.N. Johnson-Liard, Mental Models and Deduction

Lecture 4

V. Bush, As we may think.

Lecture 5

B.B. Bederson, Fisheye Menus

Lecture 6

S. Brewster et al., Earcons

Lecture 7


E.R.Tufte, Envisioning Information

Lecture 8[LINK]
Div. Authors, Task Analysis

Lecture 9

S. Moritz, Practical Access to Service Design

Lecture 12

M. Weiser, Ubiquitous computing

Lecture 13

BJ Fogg, Persuasive Design (Captplogy)

Lecture 13